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     Giordano Chiropractic is a private practice that provides a comprehensive approach to wellness.  Nutrition, exercise, postural training, and manipulative therapy are utilized to obtain and maintain a maximum level of health.  Treatment is patient-centered and we prioritize in tending to your needs. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various neuromuscular conditions and injuries.  Our practice offers a comfortable atmosphere for
all of our patients.

Dr. Giordano is an accomplished chiropractor with
over 20 years experience. He graduated from
National Chiropractic College with a
Bachelor of Science Degree in 1995. After
receiving his Chiropractic degree in 1997, he began
work as a Chiropractor in Schenectady, New York. 
He received a post-graduate degree in Chiropractic
Sports Medicine in 2002 and has completed multiple
continuing education courses, including nutrition,
rehabilitation, traumatic injuries,
and injury prevention.